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Our Airliner Dispatcher Resources website gives your resources and information on the FAA requirements and qualification for the lucrative career in Airline Dispatch department as an Aircraft Dispatcher and/or Airline Pilots. Get your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher, Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot Certificate test prep books and software from our online store. Do your home study with selected Aircraft Dispatcher and Pilot's course books and software before you go to a ground school to attend Aircraft Dispatcher or Pilots training courses.

Great way to be ahead of the game and gain some general knowledge in aviation industry on the above careers.

With advancement in the aviation & space technology, airlines in the US and worldwide and all aviation agencies have stringent requirements for Aircraft Dispatchers and Pilots. Airliner Dispatch Aviation Pilots Resources have books and software for European JAA requirement books and software. 

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Careers In Aviation - Francesca - JetBlue
 Aircraft Dispatcher, Flight Dispatcher, Flight Operations Officer
Southwest Airlines Tour (HD) NOC, Dispatch, Maintenance Hangar, Simulators Bay, Training Centerh
HD Part 3 United Airlines NOC Dispatch Operations

Load Planning Network Operations Center 
 The KLM Operational Control Centre

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The information and resources are current at the time this page was published, it is your responsibility to always double check and authenticate the information from the FAA website on 14 CFR  Part 61 and 65 as applicable for your case respectively and requirements and JAR/JAA websites for their requirements.

FAA links to above Handbooks and Manuals.

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 A typical Airline Operational Control Center with Dispatcher's responsibilities - Click on the image to Enlarge

Job Profile & Training Requirements for European Flight Dispatchers.
Dissertation about the flight dispatch profession in Europe by Andreas Cordes
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