Welcome to Worldwide Aviation Connection Music area, the reason I named this section as the Tiger Bar is because when I used to work in Bangkok, there was a bar by the same name and it was unique. During the Vietnam war, all US armed forces personnel on their days off use to visit Bangkok and gather at this particular bar, the bar I believe is still there. I have been away from Bangkok for 20 years now, but if anyone has been to Bangkok recently or is planning to visit there, please let me know if they are still open!!!

Titanic Theme
What's Love
James Bond
Miami Vice
Love Story

No Woman No Cry
Let's Go Crazy
Rocky Theme
Mission Impossible
Over The Rainbow
Dueling Banjo's
Johnny's Mumbo
Apollo13 Theme
Hard Days Night
One Night-in-Bangkok
Dirty Dancing
Street Parade
Lady in Red
Orinco Flow