Flight Engineer Computer Knowledge Test Prep (Turbojet, Turboprop, and Reciprocal)

Thank you for your interest in our FAA computer knowledge exam prep courses. In keeping with the school's emphasis on the best possible score for you, our FE instructors are aviation professionals from the airlines, the military, and the FAA. They've been there and that is essential to a meaningful live presentation of the material and its explanations. We do not use video tapes or diskettes.

You don't have to waste time trying to learn volumes of things you don't need to know for the exams. We zero in on just the important material for the questions you are subject to answer. With our trademarked and time-proven methods for retention and recall, you will get the best possible score!

AGS offers a standard one day Flight Engineer Turbojet exam prep. If you wish the Turboprop or Recip exam, we will mail an additional free self-study chapter to you, in addition to the class regular materials. We teach the gouge for the exam. For additional insight on our teaching philosophy, we suggest you read the introduction for the ATP exam.

To sit for the FAA computer exam, you are only required to show the testing center your FAA Commercial-Instrument ticket or your A&P ticket. A current medical is not required.

Eligibility Requirements

It is your responsibility to check for the latest Rules and Regulations on the FAA website.

To eliminate any doubt as to whether or not these requirements have been met, you should check with your local FAA FSDO office. Note: ATP applicants are no longer required to present their qualifications to an FAA Inspector prior to the test for an FAA authorization. A current First Class Medical Certificate is no longer required to sit for the exam. Only a 3rd Class is required for the checkride in an airplane. A medical is not required if taking the ride in the simulator.