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Our Ground School software can help you pass your FAA ATP written test without wasting your money or time like those $250 ATP written test cram courses do.

You don't need to spend a lot of money and time to pass your ADX airline dispatcher test.

All you need is our inexpensive software. You can download it below, try it, and pay for it only if you like it. Hundreds of users have scored very highly on their ADX test with only a few nights study with our software. No nonesense, no wasting your time in some classroom on somebody else's schedule. Just use this software and pass the test.. it's that easy.

Unlike books and other materials, our software updates itself using the built-in LiveUpdate feature. You always have the latest and greatest available study material from us at no extra charge. We have content experts who work continuously to make sure that the question bank is as up to date as possible with the latest FAA changes.


  • Yes, you study here using up-to-date, ACTUAL FAA QUESTIONS. Answers and Explanations written by highly experienced flight instructors and professional pilots. All required charts and figures included. (That's why the download is so large.)
  • This software can be used to prepare for all of the ATP Part 121 and 135 Airplane and Helicopter tests plus Airline Dispatcher. In fact, this is our standard "ATP Package" of which ADX is one variant.

This single download will help you prepare for any or all of the following tests:
ATP - Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (121) ATA - Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135)
ADX - Aircraft Dispatcher ARA - Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135) (added rating)
ATH - Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (135) ARH - Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (135) (added rating)