Airline Transport Pilot Computer Knowledge Test Prep

Thank you for your interest in our FAA computer knowledge exam prep courses. Our one-day program will meet your requirements regardless if you are Part 121, Part 135 or a Helo applicant. It makes no difference to the FAA, the industry or your employer as to which exam (Part 121 or 135 fixed wing) you take. The FAA Examiner will not ask any FAR Part 121 or 135 questions on the oral.

If you are a Part 135 or helicopter applicant, we will delete a number of questions in the standard our study manual and provide you with an additional free self-study chapter specific to your exam.

We do not use any video tapes or diskettes in our presentation. Our instructors are stand-up, in your face, get the job done, "airline standards" types of people (and we have fun, too)!

We use a unique approach to learning developed over 35 years based on word recognition. We do not show you the two wrong answer choices. You will complete a missing word or phrase in the correct answer that sets that answer off from the other answers. By reviewing just the hi-lighted key words in the question and answer, you can review our manual in less than 45 minutes.

The best test scores are achieved by reviewing each day before you forget something. Take the exam within 2-4 days following class. We don't want you to procrastinate!

You may organize a class of 6 or more at your location with payment in advance. Overseas, this requires a minimum of 10 students.

Eligibility Requirements

It is your responsibility to check for the latest Rules and Regulations on the FAA website.

To eliminate any doubt as to whether or not these requirements have been met, you should check with your local FAA FSDO office. Note: ATP applicants are no longer required to present their qualifications to an FAA Inspector prior to the test for an FAA authorization. A current First Class Medical Certificate is no longer required to sit for the exam. Only a 3rd Class is required for the checkride in an airplane. A medical is not required if taking the ride in the sim.