FAA Aircraft Dispatcher & Computer Knowledge Test Prep

The FAA Aircraft Dispatcher computer knowledge exam is an important step in obtaining an FAA Dispatcher license. You can attend our one day prep course which is identical and concurrent with our ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) prep course. If you are a Distance Learning student  we teach this in the 13 weekend program.

For some pilots in a competitive airline job market, a Dispatcher license is a backdoor into the cockpit. We know of several who have moved laterally from Operations to the flight deck.

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Eligibility Requirements

It is your responsibility to check for the latest Rules and Regulations on the FAA website.

To eliminate any doubt as to whether or not these requirements have been met, you should check with your local FAA FSDO office. Note: ATP applicants are no longer required to present their qualifications to an FAA Inspector prior to the test for an FAA authorization. A current First Class Medical Certificate is no longer required to sit for the exam. Only a 3rd Class is required for the checkride in an airplane. A medical is not required if taking the ride in the simulator.

Aircraft Dispatcher/ATP Material for Home Study
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