FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Training - 13 Week Program

FAA REQUIREMENTS: We offer an FAA approved 13 weekend Aircraft Dispatcher training program. You must be at least 21 years of age. No prior aviation experience is required.

There are 5 milestones as follows:

1st is a multiple choice FAA Private Pilot computer knowledge exam. If you are a licensed pilot, you will not be required to retake this exam. The dispatcher must be knowledgeable on the same fundamentals as a pilot.

2nd, the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Computer Knowledge Exam must be passed by the end of the course. This is the advanced material which we will cover on two additional weekends in class.

3rd, successful completion of the open-book AGS multiple choice exams at our website based on reading assignments. These exams are for both you and the instructor to evaluate your progress and identify any areas which may require additional attention.

4th, completion of the course culminating in a formal instructor recommendation for the FAA Oral/Practical Exam.

5th, you must then complete the final exam: an FAA Oral/Practical test within 90 days of graduation. Your instructor will schedule this at a time convenient to both you & the FAA examiner.

*It is possible to complete the course requirements but not be recommended by the instructor for the FAA Practical Exam. Be advised that the instructors are not required to recommend a student. You must demonstrate the knowledge and professionalism expected of an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher throughout the course using common sense and safety as general guidelines. Instructors will not recommend "weak" students and then use the FAA examiner to eliminate those who did not prepare properly.

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